Governments must protect workers during COVID - 19 Pandemic

It's time for governments to do better for all workers. We need more than lip service about paying bills and putting food on the table.

Please sign on and help us make a difference for all workers. We do not share your information. 

Now is the time to ensure workers and their wages and jobs are protected in Nova Scotia. We hear a lot about protecting business, but we are hearing little about protecting workers' jobs and pay.

Doctors and public health officials are urging those who show symptoms to self-isolate for at least two weeks. Missing work for extended periods is okay for politicians and the wealthy, but many workers do not have that luxury.

Too many people in Nova Scotia feel as if they must work even if they are sick for fear of not being able to pay bills and provide for their families. Too many workers have precarious jobs without benefits like sick leave. They cannot afford to lose their income even for a short period. Those who remain must be protected.

When workers know that they will get paid, that will make a massive difference in stopping the spread. Our province has an ageing population, and COVID - 19 will hugely impact older people. Halting the spread means many workers will need to stay home in isolation. Workers should not have to choose between their livelihood, their health or the health of others. That's why we are asking that you sign on and add your voice so we can collectively make changes that will help protect all workers and provide paid sick leave for all workers.

Yes, I want to sign on and help the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour give us a collective voice to make positive changes for all workers.